E Squared
Marine Service
15635 Jacintoport Blvd | Houston, TX 77015 | 281.996.7076

Our Vessels

We offer all types of marine transportation including tank barges, dry cargo barges and heavy offshore cargo moves. Currently, we have boats on contract to handle the day-to-day demands for our spot market work in the Gulf Coast. We recognize the various logistical needs of our customers and we strive to meet them in a prompt and professional manner. E Squared Marine has an experienced management team that will strive to provide your unique and individual marine transportation needs through our extensive network. We can also offer tank barges for long term lease.

Boat Specs

Need more information regarding our fleet vessels? We keep certificate and inspection information for all of our fleet. Click on the links below to read more.

30,000 Barrel Barges

E2MS 300 E2MS 301
E2MS 302 E2MS 303
E2MS 306 E2MS 307
E2MS 308 E2MS 309
E2MS 310 E2MS 311
CBR 2011 CBR 2012
CBR 2017 CBR 2023
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